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Impossible Possible
类别:育儿 应用 开发者: Impossible Possible 版本: 2.3.1 系统要求: Android 7.0+ 文件大小: 171.2 MB 更新日期: 2021年12月07日 AppID: com.bugaddy.bugaddyar
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  • Bugaddyapp截图
Bugaddy – kid’s lifetime buddy

Bugaddy is an all - time reliable buddy to your kid. His actions in real time live environment demonstrate all intraday skills that you would like to teach your kid to follow. Bugaddy extends your parenting, therefore ensuring assistance to you as the parent in the form being the most entertaining to his most valuable friend – your kid.

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Attention! The app contains Augmented Reality (AR) feature! If you want to use the application in Augmented Reality (AR) mode, please make sure before you download the application that your device supports this function!
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