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Next Pitch LLC
类别:游戏体育 游戏 开发者: Next Pitch LLC 版本: 1.4 系统要求: Android 6.0+ 文件大小: 24.6 MB 更新日期: 2021年12月08日 AppID:
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Don't just watch the big game - play along! With BAKA (Bring A Kid Along) Baseball, it's never been easier to get the whole family together to engage with baseball on a whole new level.

Predict pitch and hit outcomes of MLB games as they happen, rack up points against other fans on the Leaderboard, customize your profile and follow favorite teams, and interact with friends in the Sandlot - BAKA combines a classic American sport with the power of fast-paced, real-time online gameplay to create a interactive sporting experience like no other.

◆ Customize your feed.
Follow favorite major league teams to easily find your top picks in your personalized game schedule, or tune in to any active game for some extra points.

◆ Tap and score - it's that easy.
A simple, easy-to-use interface lets you predict pitch and hit outcomes without missing a beat. Whether you're a baseball newbie or a lifetime fan, BAKA has something for everyone.

◆ Live game and player updates.
Can't make it to the stadium? Watch, stream, or listen to the big game and play along anytime, anywhere.

◆ Climb the ranks.
Track your place against friends and other players on the Daily and Seasonal Leaderboards and aim for the very top!

◆ Meet other fans.
Connect with other BAKA players in the Sandlot and create a community experience around the love of the game.

Have feedback or suggestions? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Submit via the Feedback card on your in-app dashboard.
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