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Math Pop Fiesta

Maker Fiesta
类别:游戏 儿童游戏 开发者: Maker Fiesta 版本: V5.0 系统要求: Android 5.1+ 文件大小: 41.6 MB 更新日期: 2021年11月05日 AppID: com.makerfiesta.mathpopfiesta
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  • Math Pop Fiestaapp截图
  • Math Pop Fiestaapp截图
  • Math Pop Fiestaapp截图
  • Math Pop Fiestaapp截图
  • Math Pop Fiestaapp截图
Get into the Number Popping frenzy...

Math Pop Fiesta is a cute, fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game with a spin. Select any combination of adjacent numbers and math operators in any direction to form valid Equations. Clear obstacles and use boosters to get more points. Longer Equations are rewarded with higher points.

100% FREE with No Ads OR In-app purchases!

Can be played offline as well.

You will need to sign in with your Google Id to play higher levels.

If you get stuck and cannot form any more Equations, click the shuffle icon on the bottom left of your game screen.

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