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Bites learning ltd.
类别:应用 商务办公 开发者: Bites learning ltd. 版本: V5.3.3 系统要求: Android 6.0+ 文件大小: 70.4 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月06日 AppID: com.bites.learning
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Bites is an innovative solution for deskless and frontline employee on-boarding, training and professional- knowledge sharing.
Create your content with the same ease as you would create a "story" on social networks, wrap it in a unique 4- stage flow and instantly share it with your teammates through your existing channels.
We have developed a powerful, intuitive, “story” like content creation app. Inspired by social networks, this application enables content creators to create effective and engaging content with the same ease and simplicity as creating a story on social networks but with the necessary adjustments to professional settings.

Each professional content created is “wrapped” in a unique content unit that we call – a Bite.
Bites prides itself on delivering the most effective workplace engagement technology with the ease of implementation of its technology for Employees and Employers alike, as well as its successful learning methodology (4-step model) that has reaped significant successes for businesses all around.
The 4 steps are: The Story > Question > Summary > Discussion
The first 3 stages capture the full learning cycle:
The Story - It begins as employees attentively view the professional content created on the content creation app, usually lasting ~90s.
Question - He or she will then be quizzed, in the form of multiple answers/ open- ended questions, to promote active engagement.
Summary - Soon thereafter, employees will be presented with summary flashcards consolidating the most important learning points.
Discussion - The fourth and final stage provides a space for employees to comment, ask questions and discuss the Bite content with their managers and colleagues. This facilitates knowledge sharing and greater communication across the organization.

No platform is complete without the ability to monitor.
In Bites advanced dashboard you can monitor and track employees’ progress, view advanced BI analytics and receive notifications and insights.
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