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类别:应用 医疗 开发者: Schedule App LLC 版本: V3.1.925 系统要求: Android 5.0+ 文件大小: 31.4 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月06日 AppID: com.perdiem.gale
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The Gale App was designed to connect people to care… and pay them the same-day!

Why Gale?

Because nurses are working short-staffed and people are going without care.

Named after Florence Nightingale, the Gale App empowers clinicians by putting the agency in your hand. Choose when and where you want to work. Get paid within hours after your shift… after every shift, 365 days a year.

Connect to thousands of open shifts in over 35 states.
Choose the shifts that fit your personal schedule.
Upload your timeslip after the shift to get paid the same day!
Store all your credentials in one secure place.
Easy access to help whenever you need with 24/7 customer service.

Gale sends you notifications for available shifts, uses your camera to upload time slips for pay purposes, and background location services to verify and promote faster pay.

Are you ready to join the 20,000+ healthcare professionals who choose to #UseGale?

If you have not already applied with us, please visit “” to start your application today!
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