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Recover Deleted Message: Status Saver for Whatsapp

类别:应用 商务办公 开发者: b-Tech 版本: V1.4 系统要求: Android 5.0+ 文件大小: 27.0 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月06日 AppID: com.beetech.wadelete.recover.statusaver
  • Recover Deleted Message: Status Saver for Whatsappapp截图
  • Recover Deleted Message: Status Saver for Whatsappapp截图
  • Recover Deleted Message: Status Saver for Whatsappapp截图
  • Recover Deleted Message: Status Saver for Whatsappapp截图
Do you want to recover deleted messages, Media & download any one status for whatsapp? Or Do you have any wish to see deleted media, messages or file after they are deleted by other. Also if you want to save status of your contact like friend or family? Than this is the right place for you. With this recover deleted messages, media and status downloader for whatsapp is gift for you! By having Recover deleted messages, media you can never miss any chance of not seeing the deleted messages, media again.
Recover Deleted Messages:
With recover deleted messages for whatsdelete: user can save deleted media, messages and it will notify user whenever any photo, audio, message, or video gets removed. Having Auto recover deleted messages you will save any media (Photo/Video) and messages for you. In Photo recover and status downloader it allows you to recover deleted photo and also save status of your loved ones. Whatsdelete recovery app is absolutely free app that helps user to monitor notifications and beside this saves all deleted media such as (Photo, Messages, videos, etc.). For recovering deleted media there is only one solution that is “Recover Deleted Message: Status Saver for Whatsapp”. In Recover deleted app user can restore and recover any deleted media, messages easily. It is very irritating for many of us to see "This message was deleted" and you always have a curiosity that what was in deleted message. View recover deleted messages is feature in which user can view messages which are sent by someone are encrypted on mobile, so there is no other way to access messages/media directly. By having Recover deleted messages app it allows you to recover deleted media, messages and also it has an amazing feature of cleaner, file management!
Status Saver:
Best status download app for photo and video status without asking to anyone to send their status. The status saver will allows user to download status for whatsapp in very easy and fast way. All Status saver app help you to download status of any contact. Do you want to download anyone’s status? Then status saver app will allows you to download any status for whatsapp in an simple and fast way. Status saver downloader has the functionality which allows you to download video status and image. With auto status saver, you can download photo and video directly into your mobile within second. Simply download this all status saver, downloader app to download photo, videos, status easily.
Phone Cleaner for WhatsApp:

Cleaner for WhatsApp helps user to find old files, status and delete them. User can completely delete all or specific files it finds or also delete any files that were downloaded more than a month ago or specific time. User can also enable automatic cleaning.
Cleaner for Whatsapp app works also as explorer for whatsapp and also show the media file (photo, video, audio) in specific categories like Photo, audio, videos, voices, documents you can explore it separately.
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