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Volumee skip tracks

Artur Maślanka
类别:应用 音乐与音频 开发者: Artur Maślanka 版本: V1.27 系统要求: Android 7.0+ 文件大小: 13.9 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月06日 AppID: app.maslanka.volumee
  • Volumee skip tracksapp截图
  • Volumee skip tracksapp截图
  • Volumee skip tracksapp截图
  • Volumee skip tracksapp截图
  • Volumee skip tracksapp截图
Volumee lets you skip tracks while listening to music - you just need to hold down the volume button.

The application is able to work both while the screen is on and off. In contrast to other similar tools, it works properly regardless of the application that is currently open.

Volumee is compatible with all the most popular music apps - a track will be skipped in the player which is currently active. The service works in background, responding to volume buttons clicks only when it is needed (i.e. when any recognized player is displaying a notification). Otherwise volume buttons work as usual.

The application uses the "Accessibility service" to operate. It can help the visually impaired users - they can skip tracks in their favorite player without looking at the screen.

No personal data are collected (more details can be found in Privacy Policy). The application has no dedicated backend server.

Starting from Android 12, Volumee requires Always On Display (always show time and date) option to be enabled in order to operate when the screen is OFF.
Unfortunately, Android 12 was releases with a bug and currently it does not behave as its documentation says.
The problem was reported to Google - let's hope they will fix it in the next Android version.
This is the only workaround which allows to continue using Volumee. Please be aware it might not work on some devices.

Credits for animations authors:
- Sin Xiang Yi @waktuxiang / LottieFiles

- Abhinandan Trilokia @49357 / LottieFiles

- Mohsen Farshid @MohsenFarshid / LottieFiles

- Ian Roberts @ianroberts / LottieFiles

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