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Vacation Countdown

类别:应用 出行导航 开发者: Copur 版本: V1.02 系统要求: Android 5.1+ 文件大小: 6.6 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月06日 AppID: com.copur.vacationcountdown
  • Vacation Countdownapp截图
  • Vacation Countdownapp截图
  • Vacation Countdownapp截图
  • Vacation Countdownapp截图
  • Vacation Countdownapp截图
  • Vacation Countdownapp截图
Vacation Countdown - countdown timer app for your android phone.

⏳ Beautiful Vacation countdown
🌄 Custom background images
📝 Priority-based checklist to manage your tasks and packing items
✔️ Packing list templates for specific activities
📜 Quotes to brighten up your day
👔 Working days calculator
💌 Share packing list as a pdf
🎉 Vacation wish & cool animations at the end

The setup is extremely simple. You can set a vacation date, and the vacation countdown will show you how many days are left until your vacation day.

You can set a lovely background for your countdown.

A priority based checklist/packing list to aid in vacation planning. Once checked, the item will be moved to the bottom of the main list.
A packing list makes it simple to determine what items you should not forget to pack in your for a vacation trip.There are numerous packing list templates available, including work, photography, essentials, and so on. If your friends and family need packing assistance, you can send it to them as a pdf.

A quick display of how many days, months, years, weeks & business days are left.

Working days countdown enables you to calculate how many business days there are left from today until vacation

Cool animations for your vacation day.

Add Countdown can be used to track any event. It is available on the last page and supports multiple countdowns.

It is a free Vacation Countdown App
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