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Swipe Racing

类别:游戏 竞速 开发者: Kyraworks 版本: V1.1 系统要求: Android 4.1+ 文件大小: 65.2 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月07日 AppID: com.dpgames.SwipeRacing
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  • Swipe Racingapp截图
  • Swipe Racingapp截图
Swipe Racing is coming! Top-class racing cars were made by well-known manufacturers. Swipe racing starts a new era of breathtaking drift with speed and passion in 2019.

Enjoy the fun of street racing!
It is a new driving style. Race with 6 players from all over the world, crash your opponents’ vehicle, collect enough nitrogen bars, and release the final nitrogen to accelerate your car to the maximum speed! Control your direction, brake at any time, and show perfect power sliding stunt!

Blow up the streets!
• Take your top engine and speed up your car!
• Drive into the ramp and take the car to a new height.
•Speed up in the air and stand out from your opponents.

Dress up your car!
• Embrace your car with the unique spray paint, tail and license plate! You defined your car.
• Remember to upgrade your cool car. On the road to the championship, you will be invincible.
• Start your Viper and to be the first person to cross the finish line!

PVP competitions!
•Get ready for a 1V1 competition with your opponent at the same time!
• Win higher position and unlock bigger reward during the limited time.
• Chase the opponent's ghost car on the track, competing with the opponents of the asynchronous game.
• Share your racing achievements and proved that you are a great race driver.


Swipe Racing Features:
►Street theme, drift racing
►Rich street tracks and incredible levels
►Own more than 30 top cars
►Division challenge, wonderful PVP competition
►Upgrade your car for higher speed and better performance
►Crash and experience street racing with high passion
►Refresh the leaderboard, you are the king of speed
►Dress up your unique racing car
►Realistic scene and rich sound
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