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Fake Call with BTS, BlackPink

Star apps studio
类别:应用 娱乐 开发者: Star apps studio 版本: V1.5 系统要求: Android 4.4+ 文件大小: 34.0 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月08日 AppID: com.fakevideocallwithbtsandblackpink.fakevideocallwithbtsandblackpink
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
  • Fake Call with BTS, BlackPinkapp截图
BTS Fake Video Call app for k-pop and other bts members video or message & text - prank dial or llamada falsa on phone call speak to superstar bts

It consists of a total of 7 members Kim Tae Hyung (V) , Jeon Jeong-guk (Jungkook) , Park Ji Min (Jimin) , Jung Ho Seok (J-Hope) , Min Yoon Gi (Suga) , Kim Seok Jin (Jin) and Kim Nam Joon (RM).

This BTS Calling fake video call app helps you make a fake video call to your friend or family members who still believe you can speak with BTS Members.
Fake Call with BTS, BlackPink is a easy to use app and just with a click you can create a fake video chat and fake call with BTS.
for example call with BTS-suga, BlackPink and many other person.
with fake call & video call app you can schedule a fake call with BTS like fake facetime app and prank call with deep fake video call.

Fake Call with BTS, BlackPink application Enables the user to make a fake call that look so real.
Download fake call blackpink simulator and make calls with blackpink by one click for thinking your friends are you call blackpink and receiving fake calls from kpop blackpink.

This application is free for Fake Call with BTS, BlackPink fake video call / fake call your bias on the member Jennie / Jisoo / Rose / Lisa Blackpink for yours.
It is allows you to receive fake video calls from members of BlackPink (Lisa, Jesus, Jenny and Rose). It is very interesting that we can have personal conversations with our idols.


= Select favorite BTS member from the contacts list.
= Set timer for the call.
= Receive Fake video calls with BlackPink.
= Have a fun.
= best and amazing ui
= chat and audio call options

about permissions:
if we are asking for any permissions inside app, it just for access the app features, not for any other purpose.

Fake Call with BTS, BlackPink app does not have a real incoming call feature. it just a simulated incoming call.
We do not claim ownership of some of the images or data in our BTS fake Video Call Application.
all the images/logos/ videos/ audio are free on publicly available on domain.
We are only listing all the publicly available data as it is.
The content provided in this applications are the property of respective copyright holders and All rights reserved to the respective owners of the sites.

App intended for entertainment purposes only.
Video Calls and Video messages are simulated.
App does not provide actual calling or texting functionality.
The app can be used without paying.

Enjoy and please keep in mind this is a prank app only and no real person will be calling you. its a recorded video.

Have a nice day.......

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