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PokerFishes Host Online Games

类别:游戏 体育 开发者: GRANDTRINE ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED 版本: V1.0.55 系统要求: Android 4.4+ 文件大小: 45.5 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月08日 AppID: com.grandtrine.pokerfishes
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
  • PokerFishes Host Online Gamesapp截图
PokerFishes – The Social Gaming Hub

Host and play in the most reliable & certified poker application
Welcome to the World's No.1 Game Hosting App! The all new PokerFishes is here with exclusive features, look(s) and games. Do you consider yourself a poker shark? Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Are you waiting for a new and bold poker gameplay? Join in then!

Now, have all the Poker variations in one place! PokerFishes is an online poker app that allows you to play Poker games with variations like Omaha and Hold'em with millions of real players, on the most fun and exciting play money poker app out there. With its speed, simplicity and guidence, PokerFishes is designed both for the expert, looking for a clean poker playing experience, and for new comers looking for a simple poker app to pick up the world's most popular card game.


The app provides service like Private Club which includes ring games, multitable tournament, sit and go tournament. A club can create up to ten union, join unlimited and play with a larger pool of players. Professional data statistics offers a deeper analysis and quicker decision. You can play endless hands of Texas Hold'em and Omaha on the app against global players and also create your own club with just a few clicks, play with your friends and grow your club into a PokerFishes institution with thousands of members. Apart from these the users can also join the action-filled 6+ Poker and try out the ingenious game play of 6+ Poker variation.


PokerFishes offers the smoothest functionality to make your mobile poker experience fun and easy, including:

* Private club - Create your own club & host games. Test your skill with friends and family.

* Union - Create or join union and grow your player base.

*Regular login bonus – Get free coins and diamonds everyday by logging into the app.

*Multi-table functionality – Why only one? Play ring games and tournaments
simultaneously at three poker tables and seamlessly switch between them.

*Table chat
* Fun emojis
* Referral bonus - invite your friend & get rewarded with free diamonds.

* Let us know your suggestions and get rewarded. You can share your suggestions though app.
*A built-in Contact Support Form, with Support available 24/7!

Make sure you activate push notifications when you download our mobile app.
• Further Information: -
• PokerFishes is made with an intention of entertaining gaming purposes only. The app is RNG certified and we strictly follow the fair play rules.
• A player's performance in PokerFishes does not guarantee success at real money poker.
• In any case whatsoever the Terms and Conditions of PokerFishes shall govern.

So, don't wait, download the app and enter a next gen gaming universe.

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