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Heli Escape 3d

Dragon Ash
类别:游戏 动作 开发者: Dragon Ash 版本: V2.0 系统要求: Android 5.1+ 文件大小: 50.6 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月13日 AppID: com.heli.escape.airpolice.rescue
  • Heli Escape 3dapp截图
  • Heli Escape 3dapp截图
  • Heli Escape 3dapp截图
  • Heli Escape 3dapp截图
  • Heli Escape 3dapp截图
  • Heli Escape 3dapp截图
🚁Rain Fire from a helicopter to this fast helicopter shooter where you are in the process of rescuing captives in groups of Zombies, thugs, henchmen, and enemy wars.
Help the kidnapper escape by shooting down the endless stream of Zombies behind her. Use explosives and other in-game items to take out as many enemies or rely on glamorous shooting to eliminate as many evil people as possible. Throwdown the enemy destruction, but just make sure you don't hit the hostage girl by mistake.
When travel becomes difficult, the difficulty is slow-moving. When Zombies are breathing down the neck of a captive at critical times in the game, time is running out to help you deal with it.
🚁Take your time, smash your enemies, and rescue the innocent running girl!
Various and fun gameplay action: levels alternate between chasing zombies on the roof and attacking buildings with many armed enemies trying to take you down. Only sharpshooters will survive, so watch your angles and get blasts to destroy the bad guys.
There is an exciting list of enemies you have to destroy, and some of them even retreat, so defend them before your start to make sure you can survive and save the hostage.
Complete levels to upgrade your rifles, armor, and helicopter, and advance through the city districts to reach amazing boss levels with additional rewards. Try rifles, shotguns, rifles, SMGs, and rocket launchers to get a shotgun that helps you complete more Zombies.

Cool graphics, unusual settings, controversial soundtracks, and stylish camera angles give the game a fun, cinematic feel. Keep hordes of enemies at a distance and watch the captives jump off to the safety of your helicopter at a satisfying pace.


🚁 Beautiful 3D graphics
🚀 The most important number of invader hordes displayed on a smartphone
💥 Multiple guns in the shop to buy
⚡ Fun and addictive gameplay
🚁 Easy controls
🚀 Many worlds to discover
💥 For kids and adults

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