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Jet Fighter: Plane Game

Modern Zombie Games
类别:游戏 动作 开发者: Modern Zombie Games 版本: V1.6 系统要求: Android 5.1+ 文件大小: 34.6 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月11日 AppID: com.tenzen.skyfightermodernwarplane
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
  • Jet Fighter: Plane Gameapp截图
Jet Fighter: Plane Game is an ultra addictive jet fighter action game which gives you chance to fly modern realistic aircrafts and have thrilling war with enemy fighter jets. This airplane shooting game brings you the joy to be one of those air fighters in air force game. Prepare yourself in this plane fighting game to fly those modern jets and do some air strikes on enemies. Hold your jet tightly and fight the ultra jet battles with enemy fighter jets with your modern jet fighter plane. Now it's your chance to be the best pilot of those fighter jets and experience ultimate war ahead in this airplane game.

This jet air strike game gives you the highest quality graphics and ultimate war simulations to allow you to fly the fighter jets in modern warplanes battles and shoot as many enemy aircrafts you can in this airplane shooting game. Jet Fighter: Plane Game allows you to fight war battles in battlefields of jet fighters alongside with your air force and captures the best jet fighters out there. Now fight those jets, fly the best modern warplanes and have fun in this amazing airplane shooting game.

This Jet Fighter: Plane Game will enable you to
- Shoot jet fighters with legendary new weapons.
- Buy new ultra addictive fighter jet skins to play with your friends.
- Upgrade your warplane, jet fighter, aircraft and it's weapons till they reached legendary fighter jet mode.
- Complete ultra addictive missions to shoot non-stop enemy jet fighter wars and their threats.
- Face the best airplane shooting experience.
- Fight with all kinds of jet fighters and save your country.

Infinite jet fighter shooting waves are coming to hunt you down. These shooting airplane inside jet fighter game doesn't care about humanity and can see only world war. Are you ready to shoot all these airplanes who only care about the world war? if yes, then this airplane shooting game will be a perfect match to your airplane shooting skills on these fighter jets.

A chance for you to be a special pilot of your fighter jet in this amazing airplane shooting game and hunt the enemies aircrafts alongside your friends with modern warplanes and sky fighters with ultra cool artilleries.

Play this amazing air combat jet fighting plane game with modern warplanes and become one of the best air pilot sky fighter in this sky fighter modern warplanes game.

Train yourself and fight wars in the ultimate battles and complete your air force missions. Aim with your missiles and destroy the fighter jets of enemies with shooting airplanes and become the most dominant air force of the world and bring peace in your country. Save your comrades lives as now you are the only hope of your country and save them all by evading a grand war in this war plane game.

Jet Fighter: Plane Game is a free airplane shooting game and an offline shooting game which means that you don't need WI-FI to play this plane game.

Lie up, eyes on enemies, focus on Jets and shoot them so that enemies can't escape from you.

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