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Monster Run Collect

Davey Wreden
类别:游戏 休闲 开发者: Davey Wreden 版本: V1.0.7 系统要求: Android 5.0+ 文件大小: 69.7 MB 更新日期: 2022年06月09日 AppID: com.moling.monsterruncollect
  • Monster Run Collectapp截图
  • Monster Run Collectapp截图
  • Monster Run Collectapp截图
  • Monster Run Collectapp截图
In a wonderful world, there are all kinds of monsters. You start out as a small monster, you need to carefully avoid higher-level monsters, devour lower-level monsters, slowly grow, slowly grow. Occasionally there will be a super monster, this time, you need to hide, do not be found oh, or you will become the super monster food. Of course, as you devour the little monsters, you will eventually grow into the super monster, even the strongest monster.
Game features:
1. All kinds of monsters.
2. Unlimited upgrades.
3. Infinite evolution
4. Various skills, such as: invincible, invisible, health regeneration.
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