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Voxel Drive

Daniel dieow Sitarz
类别:游戏 街机 开发者: Daniel dieow Sitarz 版本: 2.02 系统要求: Android 4.4+ 文件大小: 34.8 MB 更新日期: 2020年08月07日 AppID: com.dieow.NoMorePixels
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Use your Skills and Strategic thinking to Paint the whole board.

Play in one of 3 game modes with one of 5 characters!

Be first in Global Leaderboards!

Your self-driving Voxel leaves a colourful trail behind, that's your weapon!

The board has a size of 80 by 80 meters, which gives a surface of 6400m². That's how much you'll paint with 100% coverage.

The game is offline ready, your high scores will be saved online as soon as your Internet is back.

You will be fighting in one of three modes:

Solo - you play alone and paint for a minute.
Against Bots - there are three other players against you, player who first get a star adds 30 seconds.
Fight for 100% - you are alone and have unlimited time to cover 100% of the board.

You can choose from five characters:

Voxel - basic one, with no special abilities.
Fox - leaves traps which stops opponent for a while.
Rabbit - jumps and on landing explodes with the paint.
Penguin - gets super-speed after collecting "Speed Up" bonus.
Doge - spawns puppies when he grows up.

There are three types of bonuses:

Size up - it stacks four times, enlarging you more and more. It lasts 4 seconds and then you suddenly get smaller.
Acceleration - it gives you an instant speed boost. It does not connect with others. It fades slowly.
Paint bomb - once collected, you can use it at any time, which will cause a large spill of paint around you. You can have up to 3 of them. The explosion is bigger the bigger Voxel you are.

After each game, the surface you have painted will be added to your account. When you have removed enough pixels, you will find out, in the form of an achievement, which objects in the real world you have already saved. For example, 5100 m² is like the entire White House!

All your results are saved on the server. This allows you to compete with players from all over the world by climbing up the levels of the result lists.

Good luck!

The game is free and includes ads, but all are optional and it's up to you to watch them.

Every week on Thursday we publish the best players from the weekly season on the Facebook page and Twitter.

Check it out and like us on -
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