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Cube on Road 3D

Care of FUN
类别:游戏 休闲 开发者: Care of FUN 版本: 1.4 系统要求: Android 4.1+ 文件大小: 11.6 MB 更新日期: 2020年05月18日 AppID: com.careoffun.cuberoaddrive
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
  • Cube on Road 3Dapp截图
Crazy Cube Road Drive 3D (cube on road)is a Hyper Casual Game Developed by Care of FUN.

Make the Crazy Qube to Move only on the Road without Hitting Cars and Traffic Cones (Red Colored Spikes).
The Controls are Super Simple Just Tap on the Screen to Change the Cube Moving Directions.
Crazy Cube on Road will Move Either Right-Forward or Left Forward Directions only.

The Road's in "Cube on Road 3D" Game is Unlike normal Roads,It Looks tricky to travel on this Road.
One Wrong Move Can Make the Cubes to Fall From off Road.
Only Right Taps Make the Qubes to Travel in Road.This Game is Totally Different from Normal Car and Bikes Race.

This Game "Cube on Road 3D" is Developed by "Care of Fun"
Audio By
Icons by Icons8
Images by Unsplash
Audio by Soundimage;Soundbible;Freesound

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