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Onefly VPN is a more secure VPN service. Open the App, activate the VPN and start surfing in complete privacy and anonymity - it’s that simple!

To ensure complete privacy and protection NO signup is required, and NO personal information is ever asked.

Onefly VPN is the best choice for safe, private, anonymous internet surfing - all for FREE!

## Complete Security
- Onefly VPN users a 256-bit encryption on all Internet traffic for the most secure data transfer.
- Encryption for both TCP and UDP traffic.

## Faster Speed
- 24/7 Server monitoring for fast and secure Internet anytime, anywhere.
- Automatic optimal server expansion/scaling to accommodate users and traffic increases.

## Private Information
- No signup required. Internet access is given by Tickets, therefore personal information is NEVER asked nor stored.
- IP addresses, DNS query logs are NOT stored in anyway.

## Free to Use
- Just watch a quick ad and use it for free. No limits! No Restrictions!
- All supported countries can be selected even without purchasing our Premium Plan.

Currently server locations are limited, but are continually expanding.
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