Bully Boy-High School Gangster


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School life is a long and thrilling journey for everyone. But what does it take to be the biggest star around there? You’ll know the secret to becoming the most popular guy and getting girls like you in this fascinating school life simulator!

Bully Boy-High School Gangster is like a choice-based game where you are fearless a little cheeky teen who seeks fame and glory. You explore every corner of the school, meet different people, and find yourself in various situations when you should make the right decision. Think carefully, as you’re creating your own story of success! You better not be soft on other students, suppress them with your strong character and rebellious spirit!

The game offers lots of challenging tasks that will test your logic and creativity. While the simple and intuitive gameplay makes the whole process easy and enjoyable. You’ll play it for hours and won’t get bored. It’s like being a star in your own reality TV show where you have all the freedom to make people notice and admire you!

You have to become a true maverick who wins in bully fights, can talk back to teachers, and win the hearts of the hottest girls!

Main features:

- Fascinating school life simulator
- Smooth and easy controls
- Realistic choice-based game
- Adventurous tasks and scenarios
- Intense feelings and emotions
- Lots of characters: teachers, classmates, girls, etc
- Bullying, gangster pranks and fights
- Amazing graphics and detailed interior design

Start playing now! Enjoy your school life days, keep those weaklings on their toes, and become the awesomely bad guy who gets all the glory!
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类别: 街机 游戏

安卓包名: com.DefaultCompany.Bully

开发者:Leanid Doniush


系统要求:Android 4.4+

文件大小:61.4 MB



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