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If you want to detect and locate AC live wires inside your walls, underground floor and other places, give a try to this free AC live wire locator app which will help you to locate and scan hidden wires, metal pipes and network cables without damaging your walls.

AC live wire locator app works using your android phone magnetic sensor, which basically transmit magnetic fields and then it repulse back, when this wire detector app find any metal object mean that the emitted fields and signal reflect by some hidden metal objects.

If you want to do some industrial, commercial or home construction and decoration work, then you must need this AC live wire locator app which works perfect anywhere anytime, so install now and save your money.

This app is easy to use and it will give you accurate location and measurement of hidden AC live wires, studs, hidden bugs, electrical circuits and network cables very safely and quickly. If you are looking for multi-function hidden metal and hidden device detector then you are at the right place.

AC live wire detector app can easily detect the presence of wires, power line, pipes, studs and other metal objects which placed inside a wall, underground and floor. When you want to fix some fault or alteration this app will help you to find out all hidden wires.

You can find some devices in the market which are used to detect AC live wires but that devices are much expensive, so you can use this wire finder app which is free to download. This app will detect metal objects and give you alert when detect anything.

AC wire finder app will detect the electrical power lines and give you accurate result.
The app will alert through vibration and some sound.
Live wire detection app works using magnetic sensor of your phone.
Detect the power lines and metal objects up to 50 mm.
Magnetic sensor radiate signals to detect metal object in walls.
Multiple features to detect studs, hidden devices and electrical wires.

Wire and cable tracker app is easy to use, once you install just open the app and start detecting hidden wires in walls, underground, floor or ceiling, make sure your phone has magnetic sensor otherwise this app is not going to show you anything.

When the app find any hidden AC live wires, metal pipes and electrical circuits the app will alert you through making some sound and vibration, also you can see the dB table to check for high dB value. Install now and detect AC live wires for free.
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