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Video app to learn crochet step by step
This APP contains hundreds of videos, classified by categories in which you can find all the best video content gathered in the same app.
Main Categories:
You can learn to make a flower with scarves, bags, patterns, stitches, blankets, hats, dresses, scarves, plaid, squares
and many more following the tutorials.
You can make all kinds of free crochet patterns, row counters and features. There are options to count rows, track progress, and you can see the collection of hundreds of designs in the gallery.
There are video tutorials for beginners so they can easily learn how to begin their journey through the art of crochet.
You will find many new and updated crochet patterns, all are specially designed and optimized for mobile users.
Our team of experts is looking for the best tutorials and crafts designed for the best crochet workers, both beginners and experts.
The application gathers the best designs and patterns in tutorial videos on how to make beautiful designs. You will have easy access to the tutorials, since they are separated in the app according to the categories.

The collection of Free Videos and Tutorials will provide you with many creative ideas to create your design step by step. The app consists of hundreds of video crochet ideas and instructions. All designs are easy to use.
Our app is based on a new format with full accessories and gives you the opportunity to be more crotchetier about what they can do and create. You can find thousands of free images that are easy to create, instructions
Unique features of the app:
• Design tutorials
• Hundreds of crochet designs in the gallery
• Project preview and instructions
• Patterns completed
• Store designs conveniently
• Application of video / photo in patterns
• Project completion time planner
A simple approach to learning:
The app is a compilation of hundreds of crochet designs and patterns along with their tutorials. You can learn a variety of how to make, crochet sweater, shawl patterns, and baby dress patterns consisting of blankets, socks, etc.
Crochet is a skill to learn and people who love embroidering and creating new patterns with threads and other materials on dresses find it helps beginners to learn the skill easily. You can search the designs in categories and learn accordingly.
Each APP has its format, and our application is created to build and provide the best user experience so that you can choose the design you like from the category and watch the tutorials accordingly.
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类别: 艺术和设计 应用

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系统要求:Android 4.4+

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