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French Simultane Books app brings you ability to read and listen simple French language books to improve your listening and reading skills.

It will also help you to improve your skills for speaking and writing as you need to listen before you speak and read before you write in a new language. This app contains 2 simple books selected carefully to help you practice French language. Audio comes with the books are all real human voices. There is no human voice for real time listening.

Reading while listening to the audio at the same time helps you to concentrate. This is perfect for people who are easily distracted. Another advantage is that you don’t spend time trying to understand every single word. You just continue at the speed of the narrator. Remember that you can always pause or rewind the audio, although it doesn’t take long to become accustomed to continuous speech. This method is a great opportunity to focus on fluency, as well as listening to stress and intonation in sentences.

Listening to the audio first helps you to gain understanding without seeing the written word. As listening is often more difficult than reading, this method is good to help you train your ear and test your understanding. Reading after you’ve listened to the audio allows you to see how much you understood from the listening, and to practice mimicking what you’ve heard. Remember that you should read aloud to improve your pronunciation.

We believe this app will help you improve your French language skills.
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