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VIVID is a personalized launcher to offer best experiences while you're driving. It's designed neatly and beautiful, and the most important is very intuitive and easy to use. Here are the major features you're going to find out in VIVID:

* Split home screen - It applies a split home screen for the most important 2 features while you're driving, Maps and Media, so that you don't have to jump back and forth among apps. And you can also easily access to the recent apps from the bottom bar.

* Navigation - Google Maps, Waze, Amigo, iGo, no matter what navigation apps you're using, once you used it, it will stay at the bottom bar as your default Maps app.

* Media - Highly customized UI for in-vehicle scenarios, and it's compatible with any standard media browse services, e.g. DAB-Z.

* Phone - Highly customized UI for phone calling, it's simple and just works! Especially while you're in a navigation session.

* Hardware Integration - Integrated with HCT and some of other aftermarket infotainment devices, you can use native radio and Bluetooth call, music, and even SMS
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类别: 车辆和交通 应用

安卓包名: com.telenav.launcher

开发者:Telenav China


系统要求:Android 6.0+

文件大小:74.7 MB



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