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The Big Yellow Pages is Cameroon’s first Yellow Pages.

Published by LOOKS and marketed by Think Tank Plus, the Big Yellow Pages is a list of registered

businesses, organizations, and professionals other institutions in Cameroon.

It is a compilation of names, contacts, locations and maps; available in print, online, inbound call center

and on mobile for the purpose of easy access to contacts, locations, maps and most importantly


It is released in the following versions:

1) Print Version for all the Regions of Cameroon (with a print-run of 1.000.000 copies).

2) Inbound Call Center (24/24)

3) Web based which is currently up and running. Please visit .

4) Mobile application version for smart phones and tablets available on Google Play, ITunes Stores and

Market Place. It has special features like online marketing, ticket booking for both road and air

transport, hotel reservations, forums, and lesson notes for university and other higher institutions.

5) Software for PCs.

Its distribution outlets include homes, embassies, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tourist agencies and

every single business outlet within the entire nation and beyond.
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