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The Hunger Buffy Game is an exciting, FREE endless Points Counting game for individuals of all ages. Hunger Buffy Game is specifically designed for children and families who want to enjoy and play with the cutest Bunny in the world!

🔵 Dedicated this Game to a Real Bunny whose name is Buffy ! who love to eat.

How to control this Game? 🚩
- Touch the screen to move Buffy (Bunny) left / right


🐇 The Hunger Buffy Game Features🐰

⭐️ 3 Different types of Levels!
⭐️ Difficulty increases along with levels. Easy to play, but hard to beat!
⭐️ Collect and use a variety of awesome powerups to reach the High-score!
⭐️ Great graphics and amazing performance on all devices!
⭐️ FREE updates!

Experience the fastest and most addictive gameplay.

Make sure that you collect as many points as possible with your cute, cuddly Bunny in The Hunger Buffy Game.

The Hunger Buffy Game where you can power up your bunny with awesome powerup upgrades which will help you reach the high-score! which will give your bunny the edge necessary to reach and even beat high-scores!

The Hunger Buffy Game has been Specially designed for an Animal Lover also individuals of all ages and families to have ultimate fun!

👉 Please rate us for future improvements and updates!

👉 Invite/Share with your friends to play the cute, unique, addictive game designed for an Animal lover, individuals of all ages created by Compro9.Tech and challenge them to beat your highest score!

👉 We really value your feedback, you can say what's on your mind when you rate this game. Your comments will be read carefully...

There are thousands of Point Collecting games on android but The Hunger Buffy Game is unique and fun. Point Collecting games can be easy or hard but this Hunger Buffy Game suits everyone.

Some Point Collecting games may drain your brain but this Point Collecting Game remains good balance of fun and difficulty.

For all animal lovers, this Hunger Buffy Game is truly what you deserve.

Hunger Buffy for the young, Hunger Buffy for the smart, Hunger Buffy for the fun.

Thanks! for playing The Hunger Buffy Game, and Showing your Love for an Animal.🙏
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类别: 游戏 街机

安卓包名: in.compro9.thehungerbuffy

开发者:Compro9 Tech


系统要求:Android 4.0.3+

文件大小:37.9 MB



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