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Shared electric scooters, bikes, e-bikes, electric cars and mopeds from 240+ mobility operators are just a tap away—let’s Cogo!

Cogo searches hundreds of mobility operators for environmentally-friendly rides nearby. From human or electric-powered scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds, Cogo does the hard work for you in just three simple steps:

1. Open the Cogo app and search for the ride of your choice from 240+ shared mobility operators
2. Find the closest e-scooter, bike, car or moped and compare prices
3. Cogo redirects you to the operator to start your ride. Now let’s get going!

Avoid the hassle of opening multiple apps. Just open Cogo, find the closest ride, compare prices, and you’ll be redirected to the shared mobility operator of your choice—getting you moving in seconds!

Cogo is your perfect travel companion. Whether you're commuting to work or school, out with friends or exploring a new city, Cogo has the right options, right when you need it.

Enter your destination to get a price estimation for your journey and ETA across all ride types and operators at once. Quickly find what’s best for you and sort on the cheapest, fastest or the best way to get there.

We want to help improve air quality by getting you where you need to be, without the need for a gas-powered vehicle. By providing environmentally-friendly rides, we’ll reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and fight the mindless overconsumption in cities around the world.

Find electric scooters from Voi, Tier, Lime & Bird, e-bikes from Donkey Republic, Nextbike & Wheels, Electric cars from Green mobility, Aimo & ShareNow and mopeds from eCooltra, Blinkee & Cityscoot and many more.

Available everywhere: With unbiased listings in 500+ cities and 240+ operators worldwide, Cogo is your one-stop-shop for green rides, everywhere you go.

Environmentally friendly: Cogo includes all environmentally friendly shared rides such as electric scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds. If it’s human or electric powered, you’ll find it here!

Reliable and unbiased: Cogo searches across hundreds of mobility operators in real-time to show you available rides nearby. Cogo is unbiased and guarantees full transparency, every time.

Free to use: Designed with you in mind, Cogo offers a beautiful and fun user experience for free! No hidden fees and no extra costs—it’s easy to go green.

Save time: No registration required—just open the app and select the ride you want. Find your ride and get redirected to the operator immediately to get you moving in seconds.

Other features:
- Available in multiple languages, including Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and more on the way!
- Automatically updated to your location so you know that you always find the rides closest to you
- Quickly move the search area to another location to see what rides are available there
- Filter the type of ride you want and select the operators you care about, hide everything else
- See how far you are from your ride’s location
- Set a minimum battery level to ensure you reach your destination

These are some of the 240+ e-scooter, bike, car sharing and moped sharing operators that Cogo include:
- Tier electric scooters
- Voi electric scooters
- Lime electric scooters
- Bird electric scooters
- Bolt electric scooters
- Dott electric scooters
- Donkey Republic bikes
- Velib bikes
- Nextbike
- Citibike
- Blinkee bikes
- Aimo electric cars
- ShareNow electric cars
- GreenMobility electric cars
- WeShare electric cars
- Get Around electric cars
- Cooltra mopeds
- Felyx mopeds
- Emmy mopeds
- Acciona mopeds
- Cityscoot mopeds

We gather shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow—let’s Cogo!

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